How To Make Beeswax Lip Balm

How To Make Beeswax Lip Balm. Mix in 2 teaspoons (about 6 grams) of your favorite gelatin powder. In this video i'll show you how to make lip balm with your beeswax and 2 other simp.

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Prep the double boiler and wax tin. It has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties, and it helps to seal in moisture. Add 10 drops into the bowl.

And Then Use It To Scrape Off The Top Layer Of Wax From The Tray.

It only takes three steps to make nearly 20 tubes! Add 10 drops into the bowl. Homemade beeswax lip balm with cocoa butter.

In This Video I'll Show You How To Make Lip Balm With Your Beeswax And 2 Other Simp.

Place the following ingredients into a small jar: Add the coconut oil, vitamin e (if. Allow lip balm to cool for about 30 minutes, or until hardened.

Use The Tray Scraper To Move Mixture So It Fills All Tubes Completely.

You can do this by placing everything in a bowl over boiling water or by placing it in the microwave and. This diy beeswax lip balm is super moisturizing and so easy to make! In a double boiler (fill a medium sauce pan with water, bring to a boil, and place a large glass bowl on top), add the beeswax and cocoa butter.

Add 1 Tablespoon Of Beeswax Pellets.

Pour water into saucepan to half 45 way up jar. Melt together the shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax pellets. Stir to combine and then test a little on your lips to see if it is to your liking (careful though, the oil is still hot).

Purchase Your Beeswax In Bulk.

Place the beeswax in your glass measuring cup, and set it in a pot of water on the stove. Pour into lip balm tubes. This easy lip balm recipe without beeswax is the way to go if you are looking for a diy vegan lip balm.

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