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Endangered Species Of Animals In India

Endangered Species Of Animals In India. The blind dolphin of the holy river ganges is india’s national aquatic animal. There is so far a paucity of information for the general public on the status,.

20 Endangered Animals in India You Must See Before They Vanish
20 Endangered Animals in India You Must See Before They Vanish from

Loss of habitat is one of the primary reasons for the endangerment of species. Here is the list of endangered species in india with name and pictures. Unfortunately, india is also home to 57 species of animals that are classified as ‘critically endangered’ by iucn.

In 2012, The Iucn Red List Featured 3079 Animal And 2655 Plant Species As.

Its diversity also means that many endangered species can be found in india. These include birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish,. India is home to roughly 172 species of the rarely found and endangered animals, 1250 species of birds and over 500 varieties of wild mammals.the country houses over 500 wildlife.

There Is So Far A Paucity Of Information For The General Public On The Status,.

The ganges shark {glyphis gangeticus} among the six species of river sharks found across the world, the ganges shark is. The red list of 2018 was released at the rio+20 earth summit. A total of 199 species are under critically endangered species in india , iucn red list 2021.

The ‘Kaziranga National Park’ In Assam Is A Reserve Meant Exclusively For The Protection And Welfare Of The Endangered.

There are two kinds in the world, with the one variety that lives in india found across 20 protected areas. The india rive shark is also one of india’s endangered species. The world is filled with endangered species of animals, many of which can be found in india.

The Blind Dolphin Of The Holy River Ganges Is India’s National Aquatic Animal.

This animal is seldom found in any other part of the country. Crocodiles and freshwater turtles share their environment. It is found that nearly 70% of.

India Is Filled With Endangered Species Of Animals, While Some Of These Species Are Critically Endangered Due To Poaching, Illegal Hunting,Deforestation Habitat Destruction And Loss Of Prey.

Only 200 to 500 such animals were found living in forests of assam during a. The species became endangered due to continuous poaching and lack of. Here in this post i am going to give list of india endangered species of animals,reptiles and birds.

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